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    #Ferguson #Mike Brown

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    Trying to resurrect a dead franchise

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    Following Officer Darren Wilson’s fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, and the ensuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri, the media descended like vultures upon the St. Louis suburb. The Ferguson Police Department was captured in a less-than-positive light.

    Now, it seems that the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy will offer a course titled “Officer-Involved Shooting — You Can Win With the Media.”

    The flier reads:

    The shooting death of a black teenager by a white police officer on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri and the events that followed were tragic. In addition to the Ferguson case study, this fast-paced class is jam-packed with the essential strategies and tactics, skills and techniques that will help you WIN WITH THE MEDIA! It is practical training, not theoretical: Take what you learn and put it to work for you on the street right away! The training is also highly entertaining: numerous video clips illustrate key points, and there is NO PowerPoint! You will learn a lot and you’ll have fun doing it! In addition to the detailed case study of Ferguson (including numerous practical tips for handling the media in an officer-involved shooting) topics will include:

    • Meet the 900-Pound Gorilla
    • DWI and the Media
    • Feeding the Animals
    • “No Comment” is a comment
    • Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid!
    • Managing Media Assault and Battery
    • Managing the Media When Things Get Ugly (think Ferguson)

    REMEMBER: The problem is not racist police brutality, it is how to put a happy face on killing unarmed Black kids! 💕 ❤ 🔫🔪💀 💕

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    Lucifer (Morningstar)

    A wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines built by Paul Fryer. The sculpture is illuminated by the church’s stained glass windows.

    It can be seen at The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster.

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    Cochon Danseur - The Dancing Pig, 1907      GIF (had in a folder for years)

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